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Aluminum Ingot

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[Dongnam Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Dongnam's primary products are aluminum ingots.
Typically, high volume production parts are aluminum ingots for diecasting process and gravity casting.



- ADC1

- AC1A - AC4C

- ADC3

- AC1B - AC4CH

- ADC5

- AC2A - AC5A

- ADC6

- AC2B - AC7A

- ADC10

- AC3A - AC7B

- ADC12

- AC4A - AC8C

- ADC14(DNA14)

- AC4B - AC9A

Other customer required SPEC.

Main Product

> ADC10S, 12S(A380.0)

- Mainly used for Die Casting with good castability

- Automotive Mission Case, Cylinder Head Cover, Engine Oil Pan etc

> Al-Si Hyper Eutectic alloy (DNA14)

-Wear resisted Al alloy for Diecasting Process.
-Developed for functional automotive components
for the first time in Korea

< Microstructure>

Fork Shift, Reaction Shaft Support A/T Mission Rear Cover etc.

> AC4C (AA356.0)

-Used for Small Permanent and Shell Mold
with good castability and softening resistance

< Microstructure>

-Ductile Components, Fly Wheel Housing, Air-craft components, Small Ship Engine Components etc

> AC4CH (AA356.0)

-Used for Small Permanent and Shell Mold
with good castability.

Automotive and air-craft Engine Components, Ductile components etc.